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Love M.E.E., LLC, was established in 2016 with a mission to motivate, educate, and empower women on self love.

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I'm loving me, so I can love you!

Ti'Keya Lawrence after working almost 18 years as a Paramedic in Washington, DC decided to take her entrepreneurial endeavors a little further.  She decided to try out full time entrepreneurship with her many talents as a Paramedic, CPR Instructor, real estate investor, and travel agent.  Most of her efforts went into her brainchild Love M.E.E., LLC. The brands mission is not only to motivate and educate, it's also to empower women on self love.  The pillars that the brand stands on are are self-awareness, inner peace, happiness and good health and the brand mantra is: "I love me, so that I can love you!  When  we fill ourselves up with love we are in the best position to love others.  When we are full and in an abundance of love we can then share love with others from our abundance.  Under the brand she also host women's events to bring women together because there's noting like being around a good group of women.  The B.F.F. Experience is a yearly event. Ti’Keya has co-authored 3 books and has plans to write a few of her own.  Currently she's doing all of the above while maintaining her wifely duties and resides in Maryland with her Husband.  Learn more by staying connected at bit.ly/ilovemefirst and following her on all social media platforms @tikeyaempowers.


There are a few things I know about and I've learned plenty of lessons.  The biggest lessons I've learned have been in the matters of love.  I"m a child of the most high the creator of LOVE and he promised not to withhold anything from me.  I'm blessed to an earthly father who still today shows me the most love.  As well as the lesson of learning from my mother everyone shows love differently.  The combination of those aforementioned and other life experiences have given me the foundation of an immensely, undying, crazy love of myself.  The feeling should be experienced by all with no guilt but an understanding.  I'm more than willing to have a conversation with you on how to make that happen in your life, why you should make it happen, and some life strategies to help you keep up with loving who you are.  Not just parts of you but ALL of you and that's possible, let's chat about it.  Send me an email and get on my calendar, loving you can't wait!


This is a look of love and happiness.  To be honest I didn't always have this look there was a time in my life where I didn't smile like this and I wasn't sure about loving me.  You see loving yourself is not an overnight assignment it's a life evolving thing and the hope is that it'll increase and grow more and more.  It's a choice we have to make everyday through out the day.  It's a show of actions in order to set the tone for others how they should love you.  It's a bit selfish but not negatively intended.  It's for you to love yourself abundantly so that you can love others from your abundance.  As a cup can overflow so can you and the overflow is what's for others.  That means what's in the cup has to stay full and it's our responsibility to do that.  If you're struggling with doing so I have a few tips you can start your day with.  Use this link and I'll send it right over to you.  You can start first thing tomorrow!



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Being connected to and surrounded by women is a pleasure of mine!  I try to make that happen as often as possible in various ways.  I cringe when I hear the myth that women can't get along.  I'm a female fan, feminist basically! I attend events hosted by others as well as carefully create and curate what I like to see happen when women gather in a room.  The awesomeness that can take place with good vibes and energy is amazing!


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