Love God, the creator of love!
Love yourself abundantly!
Love others from your abundance!

Welcome to Love M.E.E., LLC

Love M.E.E., LLC, was established in 2016 with a mission to motivate, educate, and empower Women on self love.

Ti'Keya Empowers


Ti'Keya Lawrence is a Paramedic by trade, CPR Instructor, Adjunct faculty member, real estate investor, and she has her hands in a few entrepreneurial ventures. She is the brainchild behind Love M.E.E., LLC. The brands mission is not only to motivate and educate, it's also to empower women on self love. The pillars that the brand stands on are self-awareness, inner peace, happiness, and good health. The motto is: "I love me, so that I can love you! When we fill ourselves up with love we are in the best position to love others. When we are full with an abundance of love we can then share love with others from our abundance. Under the brand she host women's events to bring women together because there's nothing like being around a good group of women. One of the staple events is "The B.F.F. Experience".  Ti’Keya has co-authored 3 books and has plans to write a few of her own. Currently she's working on all of the above while maintaining wifely duties, she resides in Maryland with her Husband. Learn more by staying connected at and following her on all social media platforms @tikeyaempowers

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In this blessed life I've learned plenty of lessons. The biggest lessons I've learned have been in the matters of love. I'm a child of the most high God who's the creator of LOVE. God has promised to never withhold anything that's good for me because he LOVES me!. I'm blessed to have an earthly father who still teaches me about love and mostly by showing me. I learned from my mother everyone shows love differently. The combination of those aforementioned and other life experiences have given me the foundation of an immensely, undying, crazy love of myself. The feeling should be experienced by all with no guilt but an understanding, so show yourself some love, your whole self, as much and as often as you can!



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